Tyranny of Dragons - American Fork

The Hatchery

AKA Always Check for Traps


Having recovered from the stirge attack, the adventurers moved forward deeper into the caverns and found a trash pit. Noting some small glimmers, Krug and Thalinor moved down and began searching the horrid stench filled pit. A small band of troglodytes attacked, but were quickly dispatched. Continual searching in the pit found that the glimmer was shiny trash, but there was an overlooked leather pouch containing multiple gems. The group continued to the next obvious cave, but Thalinor stabbed his foot on a poisoned spike. His Dwarven constitution prevented enough of the poison so he was only temporarily incapacitated. The group proceeded to engaged a group of kobolds in the chamber. During the fighting, though, Elaina toppled into a pit of young guard drakes, prompting them to howl for reinforcements. Krug and Thalinor leapt into the pit, striking the drakes from above. While they engaged the drakes, Buckshank attacked from above before having to fend off a small warband of kobolds and winged kobolds. Krug ripped the old gate off of its hinges, and charged up the steps to the aid of Buckshank. Following the passage that the warband came through, the group triggered yet another trap as the roof began to collapse on them. This alerted the rest of the kobolds left in the chamber, which turned out to be a barracks. After taking care of the remaining kobolds, the group found 88 stacks of 8 copper coins each, along with small piles of other coins and several dragon themed talismans. Following a deep corridor , the group arrived at a cave enlarged to be a shrine. Black Dragon motifs adorned the walls and the stalagmites and stalactites were polished into pillars. worshiping in the shrine were two berserkers and the large half-dragon Cyanwrath. Having remembered Krug from the encampment, he challenged the group to battle. Thalinor was able to cleave Cyanwrath’s head off, and claimed his weapon as a trophy. After defeating the berserkers, the room was searched and studied. In front of a draconic 5 headed image, they found an ornate wooden chest with silver and mother of pearl inlays. Realizing none with them were skilled with locks, Krug insisted the chest be taken with them and Buckshank picked it up. This triggered an acid trap that sprayed over the party and began to vaporize into the room’s air. The toxic fumes drove the group into a large corridor, where they were attacked by grenade wielding kobolds hiding above. One went suicidal and exploded himslef , drawing the attention of a tentacled creature above. The roper watched the group intently while it lowered its tentacles and began to eat one of the deceased kobolds. Moving to the lower portion of the cave, the group investigated two large shapes which turned out to be eggs. However, large guard drakes attacked intent on protecting the eggs. They failed, however, as the adventurers elected to destroy all three having found another hidden at the back of the chamber. The eggs contained minuscule dragons which quickly died outside of the shell. The toxic gas dispersed in the previous room, so the group headed back and found a passage that led to an office. Inside they found Mondath sitting at a desk, patiently. Seeing Cyanwrath’s head as Thalinor’s trophy, she agrees to answer the groups’ questions. She explains that the treasure was sent north in a convoy, and that Rezmir had left her in charge of the egg hatching. Now that the egss were gone and most of the cultists here had perished, she could slip away and escape the cult’s retribution. She agreed to give the group the key to the chest at the mouth of the cave, and the adventurers walked there with her. Upon leaving the cave, she cast command and froze the group, allowing her to summon demons with a guttural language and disappear through a portal. Weak and weary, the group began the trek back to Greenest after many close encounters with death.




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