Tyranny of Dragons - American Fork

The Raider's Camp

How to Get Caught


Having survived the previous night, our adventurer’s are given a new task with an advance and promised payment at the completion of the mission: find the raider’s camp. Governor Nighthill sends the group southward, but not before they find a local apothecary hoarding potions and healing supplies. After convincing the man that price gouging is against his best interest, they purchase some salves and depart. While following the obvious trail of trampled grass, they come upon a monk named Nasim. He was part of a group of monks traveling to greenest when they were accosted by a group of cultists. Most were killed, but he managed to escape. He asks that the group find his master, Leo, who was taken captive by the cultists. While traveling they encounter a small group of raiders and kobolds and easily pick them off. Continuing on the trail they see an obvious trap location and avoid it by going around the stony pass. After much debate and scouting, the group decides to walk into the camp and is unnoticed at first. They find a group of prisoners and Elaina stays behind to heal them and arm them with daggers for their escape. As night falls, Krusk, Thalinor and Buckshank all head to the heart of the camp where they find Leo tied up. Mondath appears with a man in red, a Black half-Dragon wearing purple, and Cyanwrath. They announce that the camp has been infiltrated by a half-orc who was seen entering the camp in the afternoon. Quickly devising a plan, Buckshank and Thalinor rat out Krusk and help tie him up while slipping him a dagger to escape. Krusk converses with Leo and learns that the black half-dragon is Rezmir and is Mondath’s superior. Leo does not, however, want to be rescued and says he has a mission to continue. At this time Elaina has led the prisoners up a cliff face and sent them back towards Greenest, and watches from the cliffs above. Buckshank and Thalinor take out the guards near Krusk and Leo, and arrive to tek them both away. Leo reveals that he could have escaped at any time, showing his own hidden dagger. Thalinor and Buckshank tie up the dead guards while Krusk and Leo dress in the Cultist garb after debating whether or not they should try and run out of the camp despite how far of a distance it is. Deciding that would be suicide, the newly adorned “cultists” walk out of the camp unnoticed meeting up with Elaina and heading back to Greenest the way they came.



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