Tyranny of Dragons - American Fork

The Caves

Deadly Fungi and Bat Swarms


Having rescued Leo from execution by the Cult of the Dragon, our adventurers returned to Greenest to receive their pay from Governor Nighthill. Leo spent the next day recuperating, and Nighthill urged the adventurers to stay until the Half-Elf Monk was well enough to tell them all what was happening with the raiders. Leo revealed that he had bought the adventurers’ contract from the Governor and had a few tasks for them. He also was substantially increasing their pay, since he had not consulted them beforehand. Leo’s original plan after being captured was to explore the caves at the back of the cave, and he wanted the group to find what the cult was hiding therein. Upon returning to the campsite, they found it empty for all but a few hunters. Snubbing everyone in the group except Buckshank, the Hunter’s described their work and the cultist’s departing the morning after the group had rescued Leo. Entering the cavern, they found a few guards and easily dispatched them while discovering a hidden passage towards a very full barracks. They discovered what appeared to be an empty room, save for a single drunk cultist. They questioned him as to what happened to the camp, but he was of little help. The group then moved forward into the caves and triggered a stairwell trap, dropping them at the foot of giant violet fungus. Once clearing the garden of the belligerent fungi, the group moved into a bat filled cavern and disturbed them. Along with the bats, however, were a group of stirges which began to suck the blood of the party while using the bat swarm as cover. Eventually, the adventurers cleared out the stirges and the swarm calmed. They then decided to rest for a short while before moving further ahead.




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