Tyranny of Dragons - American Fork

Greenest in Flames

The Adventure Begins


Our adventurers: Buckshank the Dragon Frightener, Elaina of Triel, Krusk the Pit Fighter, and Thalinor the Berserker.

Arriving in the town of Greenest as raiders began an assault, they saved Lin, Cuth, and their children and escorted them to the town keep. Governor Nighthill and his Castellan Escobert tasked the adventurers with finding a captive whom they could interrogate. After nearly losing Buckshank to a hoard of rats, the group was able to determine the raiders were cultists with the goal of looting the town of all valuables for their queen. Upon returning to the keep, Lennithon the Blue Dragon began an assault from the air. Casualties were high as the group tried to use a ballista against the attacker. It was only Krusk’s heroic speech that rallied more guards to fight the dragon that allowed the adventurer’s time to wound Lennithon’s eye, forcing him to retreat. As dawn approached the raid leader, Mondath, presented herself and her champion at the keep. Cyanwrath, a 7 foot tall half dragon, had taken Lin and Cuth captive and demanded that the keep send a single fighter to prove their worth. At this time, a hooded figure who had been silent and watchful in the courtyard of the keep moved forward. It was a tall Bronze-scaled Dragonborn, who began to converse with Cyanwrath in Draconic. The adventurer’s were only able to catch a few words between the two, speaking of Tiamat and Bahamut. After talking briefly, both fighters breathed a bright streak of lightning towards their opponent as they circled each other. The dragonborn raised a quaterstaff right as Cyanwrath used a greatsword to rend the head off of his opponent. Lin and Cuth were released, and the raiders began their retreat. As dawn’s light fell over greenest, the body of the cloaked Dragonborn evaporated into wisps of ethereal light.



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